Jon Rademacher

Sales Associate


Jon - I have never met anyone who was as fast-moving as I am when a job needs to be done. I still can't believe how quickly you acted on my behalf and how knowledgeable you were about what was available to me in my price range. I love this house already, and had you been lax in helping me, I know I would have missed this bargain. I was also very impressed with how quickly you learned about Neighborhoods Inc. But thank you most of all for being sensitive to my need to move quickly. I've already recommended you to a gal who told me she's thinking of moving, and you can bet that I'll tell everyone I know how professional, thorough and quick you are!  
Linda Gunn  

I tried doing everything by myself - looking for houses, setting up times to see them, and not knowing how to tell the agent "it's just not what I'm looking for." I met Jon at an open house, and he asked me if I had an agent helping me, and if this was going to be my first house. I told him we were getting married shortly, and that I wanted to find a house soon.

Less than a week later, I received a letter from Jon. He remembered our whole conversation, even the little details. That impressed me that he took the time to listen to me, and then ask what he could do to make house-hunting easier for me. I had found several homes that I wanted to see, so I called Jon. He set up times to go look at every single one, all in the same day. While none of them were quite what we wanted, he asked for our input, and continued to help us look for the perfect house. With our wedding less than two weeks away, I was starting to worry that we weren't going to find anything!

A week before the wedding, Jon sent me an email of a house that looked great. We toured it, and I loved it! We finally found what we were looking for! A couple days before the wedding, we did our inspection walk-through - Jon had done everything for us! It was so easy! Two weeks after the wedding, we closed on our first home.

I was so grateful for Jon. I would've been crazy trying to do it all myself. If I had questions about anything, he told me to call, and he always ended up finding an answer. We didn't really know what we were doing when we started, and thanks to Jon, when we signed the papers and got keys to our new home, we felt very confident that we had made the right decision!
Billy & Crystal Kaster


Jon was very good at finding me homes that matched my description. He was always very well-informed on all of the houses that I looked at - that helped a lot. I was very nervous about the whole process and somewhat indecisive, but Jon talked and walked with me the whole way, and just let me do my thing. He took the edge off and never pressured me. He also was very supportive if there was a house that didn't match my criteria that I wanted to look at. Jon was always available to me - ask questions, schedule appointments, etc ... and now I found a house that I love!
Shannon Behn


I recently relocated to Lincoln from Omaha, and was definitely ready to ditch the renting scene. Jon got right to the point when asking about what I was looking for in a house. He helped me crunch the numbers so I knew right away what I could afford. With that info, he got me pre-approved for a loan.

Jon had no problem diving into the listings every day and setting up appointments. He was quite clear that we would look at EVERY place I wanted to see, and he would only be happy when I was happy. I guess you could look at it this way: Jon doesn't really "sell" houses ... he simply helps you find what works best for you without any pressure.

For the first-time buyer, you couldn't ask for a better Realtor. And if you've done it before, Jon just makes it that much easier. I'd recommend him to anyone without hesitation. I mean, c'mon - he even bought me a smoothie maker for the new place!!!*

* [The smoothie maker was a running joke between us as we looked at homes. Once we found the right house, I couldn't resist! - Jon]
T. Skinner


Dear Mr. Ward:

I have been meaning to write to you, for which seems to be such a long time, but moving into a new home and new city is such a daunting task, after twenty years in the same place, that putting it off was easy.

I wanted to write to let you know that the part of buying my new home was the easiest part of the move, and I owe that all to Jon Rademacher.

When I first learned that my husband needed to relocate for his new job, I thought, how do I go about moving to a new city, when I have never done that before? I initiated an internet inquiry, and that is how I met Jon. I liked him immediately.

In this day and age, it is hard to trust people, especially over the internet ... Jon always made me feel comfortable. He worked really hard to help find houses for our needs, helped me get familiar with Lincoln and went out of his way to show houses and get me information I needed to make a decision. Everything a good Realtor should do!

I didn't think I could like Jon any better until I finally got the chance to meet him in person! He is such a great guy and I am truly fond of him. So much so, that I wish he could sell my house for me in Omaha! And did I tell you how much stress I put him through? We almost backed out of the buy at the last minute because of a foundation problem, and Jon was cool as a cucumber! He was sweet and endearing to my 2 year old daughter so much, that when we first moved to Lincoln, she asked me when Jon was coming over!

Jon has even sent me mail and emails asking me how things are going in the new house, and offered any assistance he could provide me. You couldn't have a better man to represent your company.

My past employment experience includes a customer service supervisor of a bank and lead stock broker/trader. In my personal and professional business dealings with other companies and people, I have experience worldwide, and I am pleased to be a customer of Woods Brothers Realty, and a client of Jon Rademacher.

Thank you and please thank Jon for me. 
Kathy Bussard 


We were expecting our second child in weeks, and had not found a new house yet. We were on a very tight timeline and Jon's responsiveness and quick turnarounds were instrumental in finding a house. We always knew he was looking out for our best interest and we trusted that he would take care of all the details. Thanks to Jon, we were able to find a house, make an offer, and get the house under contract before the new baby arrived. We were able to focus on the new addition to our family, while he focused on getting us into the new house!
Julie & Patrick Finnegan 


My search for the perfect home for me and my son took almost a year and Jon was there every step of the way. I couldn’t have had a better person helping me than Jon. He was great, and never hesitated a moment when I called to look at a house. He gave up his weekends and sometimes evenings to help me. Several times he would arrange 4 or 5 houses to look at with me on a Saturday, taking up almost half of the day, only to have me not choose any of them, and continue the next weekend. Since I am a first-time homeowner, it was helpful to have Jon by my side, answering all my questions and explaining everything so I knew what to expect and what had to be done. Jon didn’t just show me any house in my price range. He carefully chose houses that would fit us perfectly. I will definitely recommend Jon to anyone that is looking to buy a house. He is the best chance of finding that perfect house that you are looking for. Thank you Jon!
Crystal Sams


My husband and I just purchased our first home. We had no idea where to start! We told Jon what kinds of things were important to us. He found and sent us listings he thought we may be interested in. Jon would set up the times and places, and all we had to do was show up to view the houses! With Jon knowing what to do made the process much easier. I would recommend Jon, he was both helpful and knowledgeable!
Allison Andersen


We can't imagine having found a better agent than Jon -- we really lucked out! Jon learned very quickly what kind of house we were looking for, was patient throughout the process of looking for houses, and particularly in making a final decision. We never felt any pressure, only support in the process of making the right decision.  Jon made himself available for most of a weekend, on relatively short notice, to help us find the right house. It was really all the "over and above" things that impressed us: driving us (and our two small children) around Lincoln; asking his wife and daughter to play with our daughter while we did some more looking; dropping by the house to see how things were going after moving in. If you're looking for a good agent, stop looking -- you found him!
Chris Marks & Jessica Freeman


Jon was always an advocate for me. We had two offers early on which were lower than I felt I could accept, and Jon never pressured me to accept either of them. He knew the house was priced correctly, so he continued to market my home aggressively. Jon was always positive and upbeat, even though there were days when I wasn’t! I’ll be in my new home for many years, but when the time comes, Jon will be my Realtor again.
Sarah Parker


After 11 years of renting in Lincoln, I decided it was time to “put down some roots.” I knew what I wanted, but had absolutely no idea of what the process was, or where to start. I was referred to Jon by two of his very satisfied past clients.

He took me step by step through the best way to make the first offer, and was very patient in answering my questions, regardless of their merit. Jon was always honest and straightforward. On a Saturday morning he made sure the deal was completed and delivered before the noon deadline, even though he was scheduled to be in a wedding not long after that!

Jon has a keen sense of his clients’ needs. He instinctively knows if he needs to take a more active or less active role in the process.

I certainly recommend Jon to anyone interested in buying or selling, and I definitely want him for any future transactions I may have! Thanks to Jon, I’m now the happy owner of my own sweet little condo! Thanks for everything!
Jo Pappas


Dear Mr. Ward,
We cannot say enough good things about Jon Rademacher.  He is terrific, and so very knowledgeable.  He helped us find our perfect home!
Dean & Luann Gorgen



Jon did an outstanding job as our realtor and he worked very hard to sell my mother’s house. My mother moved into an assisted living unit and I was responsible for selling her house, even though I do not live in Lincoln.  Not only did Jon hold multiple open houses and provide weekly email updates on the traffic and interest in the house, but he also helped us coordinate repairs to the house and helped us keep the house presentable right up until closing. I have worked with several realtors in the past and Jon provided a level of communication and service that exceeded my expectations. Jon is a true professional who provided us with an exceptional level of service.
Amy Smith


We found Jon Rademacher to be very capable and professional.  We were pretty picky and Jon stuck with us, and continued to show us homes that might suit us.  He listened to us.  He dealt with the “bumps” we encountered during closing.  He was always pleasant, and deals with people very well. 
Randy & Rosemary Jones


Knowledgeable, straight forward and on your side -- that’s Jon Rademacher!  Jon was not only always very professional but also just fabulous to work with.  Jon always let us set the pace in our journey to a new home. He always responded to all of our questions in a very timely manner and was very flexible when it came to working out times and places to get together.  We never felt pressured or rushed when looking at potential homes or making decisions.  Whenever we would begin to worry he was always there to put us at ease and guide us through whatever situation we were dealt.  "It is what it is," he would tell us honestly.  Whenever we heard those words we knew we were working with someone we could trust.  Jon helped us find more than a house … we found a home.
Kathy & Kyle Wobig



Jon, I would like to thank you for taking the time to make my home buying experience pleasant from the first moment that I arrived in the Woods Bros office that cold Saturday in January!

Jon, your patience in showing me home after home until we found the perfect home was so appreciated.  I knew when I drove to the airport that Monday my decision was sound and I was leaving the completion of my purchase in very capable hands.  Not an easy task since I would be in California, and a bit of a “nervous Nellie” buyer to say the least!  You went above and beyond to make sure the inspection was completed, the repairs done, the final walk through handled and the keys delivered.

Thank you so much – you just have no idea how much I truly appreciate everything you did to help make my dream of moving to Lincoln come true.

Jon, I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Vicky Dunn


We met Jon at an open house, and while we loved the house, it was a little out of our price range.  Jon never pressured us, or tried to convince us that we could afford it.  We felt very comfortable with him, and decided that when we found the right home, we’d call him.  When that time came, we called Jon, and he suggested a house he thought might be right for us.  When we looked at the house, we both fell in love with it!  Jon guided us through the negotiation, and told us what to expect in regards to the home inspection, homeowners insurance, closing costs, and all the other decisions we’d have to make.  He also helped us to secure financing which made more sense for our budget and situation.  We felt comfortable with Jon the entire time, and we’d definitely recommend him!
Rachel & Jason Goodwin


Jon has listed and sold four houses for me in the past seven months.  As an investor, I wanted the houses sold quickly, because each day a house sits on the market it takes money from my pocket.  Jon understands that.  The four houses sold in an average of 23 days for 96.7% percent of the asking price.  Jon always has responded quickly to my questions, and when he doesn't know the answer, he says so, and then proceeds to find it.  He's willing to go the extra mile to get the deal done, and I really appreciate the work he does for me.
David Abrahams


I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Jon Rademacher as a Realtor.  Throughout the entire process, Jon was professional, conscientious and motivated.  I always felt as if I was his only client.  I was selling my home while living over an hour away from it, making it a difficult situation.  Jon kept me informed every step of the way.  He took care of everything from advice for staging my home, pricing, advertising to even scooping snow from my front steps for a showing.  My home sold in about four months with virtually no problems.  Jon is the best and I would recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home.
Terresa Grobe


I cannot say enough great things about my experience with Jon Rademacher! Jon took on a tough and arduous process selling my home and handled it with the utmost class, patience and professionalism. He understood my personal and financial situation and made sure that I received the deal that was best for me. Anytime I had a question, Jon always had the answer, no matter the time of day. What was most refreshing was that

Jon’s number one priority was taking care of me; which is something that is rare in realty today.

If you are looking for a realtor you can trust, look no further than Jon Rademacher. Professionally and personally, there is no one who I would rather recommend to help you with your home.

Dane J.


I live in an area considerably outside of Jon’s normal territory but he offered to help with the “realty details” which I had no clue about.  This was a first home purchase for me and to complicate matters, I’m extremely picky and live in an area with a small market (for picky people).  Jon assisted me in number crunching, helping with pre-approval on a loan and explained all the fees associated with real estate transactions.  When I had finally decided on a house, Jon not only made a trip out to do a walk-through of the property, he also advised me throughout a very lengthy negotiation process (about 2 months) until everyone was finally able to agree on the details of the purchase.  I have talked to a lot of friends who, after their home purchase, have a bit of buyer’s remorse for one reason or another and I can honestly say that I have none.  Purchasing this house was probably a much longer process than normal but when I told Jon I was going to stick to it because this is the house I wanted, he stuck with me and made sure I got it.
GP Hearn
Arapahoe, Nebraska


I chose Jon Rademacher at Woods Bros Realty to help our family find a house in Lincoln, Nebraska, after a recommendation from a colleague at work. Jon was a pleasure to work with. He answered our questions or got back to us with information promptly; even late in the day, he found time to return phone calls or respond to emails. He listened to the questions and concerns my husband and I had, and he made all of the steps and paperwork easier to comprehend and process. Buying a home, even if you know exactly what you want, is a lengthy roller-coaster of emotion, but he made the experience as pleasant as it can be. We did not have to worry about knowing exactly what to do, as Jon provided that information each step of the way; we just had to make it through the life transition of buying a home. We love our new home and would definitely recommend Jon to anyone looking for a home in Lincoln.
Valerie Kahle